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A Few of our old card reviews

Dark Diviner: Reviews, Tips, and where to look

In the new order of chaos pack, comes an older form of summoning: a synchro! Dark diviner is perfect for any dark deck, so lets take a look at the new dark synchro in the new pack order of chaos.

Dark diviner is new, and not to rare, so you shouldn’t be too worried.

With the new order of chaos pack release, comes a synchro (i thought synchro’s were dead and exceed summoning replaced them, but apparently not). With 2000 attack and 1000 defense, it isn’t exactly super strong, but thats not what this card was built for. Summoning is unbelievably tough though, because you have to tune a dark tuner with one no tuner insect, and they both have to be level two’s, or one level 3 and one level 1, making this near impossible to summon. You see, you can’t lose this card in battle anyway, because it can’t be destroyed by battle. And if this card declares an attack, and the attack of the target is higher than this card, than that card gains this cards attack, and the change lasts until the end of the battle phase! And the best part is, when this card sends and opponents card to the grave, you can send the top three cards of their deck to the graveyard, and that can be really bad for an exodia deck, but can backfire with other decks. Talk about one extremely strong synchro!

Where to look:
Since it’s so new, you just have to grab packs and hope for the best.

This card is the ultimate exodia destroyer. Being able to not be destroyed by battle, and being able to reduce a monster with a higher attacks attack to whatever attack this card has at the time, means that card goes to the grave, but this card can’t be destroyed, so it stays, and then to top it off, you then send the top three card of their deck to the grave! That can annihilate an exodia or beatstick deck, but otherwise, can really backfire with a swarming deck, because other effects might bring those monsters back to the field!

My Rating (out of 5*’s)
It’s so close to unbeatable, but because of how ridiculously tough to summon this is, it lost a star. Otherwise, this is definitely the pick of the litter of the new order of chaos pack.
Advance Force: Reviews, Tips, and where to look
This is one of the most interesting cards of all in Yu-Gi-Oh, and can win any duel. And although this should have been saturdays card review, here it is on sunday, so lets take a look at advance force

Advance force can get a little expensive, so you choose.

How can you forget a good spell like this in your deck? In my opinion, this is the best spell in Yu-Gi-Oh, so lets take a good look. Since it’s not a monster, there is no summoning or attack and defense to worry about, so lets move on to the awesome effect. You see, if you tribute on level 5 or higher monster, you can special summon one level 7 or higher monster, which means for something weak like a legendary fiend, you can trade it in for something awesome like a blue-eyes white dragon! And because this spell stays until the end of the duel or until it’s destroyed, you can keep swapping out for whatever you need! This card absolutely rocks!

Where to look: 
Try eBay or amazon for best luck.

There are no real big pointers for this card except start with something weak, so you can summon something good for something you didn’t need! Talk about awesome!

My Rating (out of 5*’s)
With such an awesome ability, and only spell destroying effects to worry about, this card is more than worthy of 5*’s!
Guardian Eatos: Reviews, Tips, and where to look
We all remember Dartz’s henchman Rafael, a duelist who beat Yugi with a single card, so lets look at his best and favorite card Guardian Eatos
This card is super rare and came in the “Stardust Overdrive” pack and the “Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon” tin, I would recommend the tin because it’s $2-7 on eBay.

Unlike some of the cards used in the anime this card is not at all exaggerated. One of Guardian Eatos’ best abilities is that if you have no monsters in your graveyard it can be instantly summoned. Talk about one amazing effect, a 2500 ATK point monster without a single sacrifice,wow! Another one of it’s strong effects is that when you discard a equip spell equipped to Eatos you can remove from play 3 monsters in their graveyard, goodbye monster reborn and monster reincarnation. If that wasn’t enough, for every card Eatos removes from play it gains 500 ATK, but it only keeps those points for one turn. All of these sweet effects make Guardian Eatos one awesome card for any deck.

Where to look:
Try eBay you can get it for pretty cheap( around $2-$7) but if you want some other awesome cards try the “Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon” tin that’s in stores.

Try to have lots of equip cards in your deck so you can give Eatos an ATK boost. Also try to have some fairy assisting cards since Eatos is a fairy type monster. Also try not to let monsters get into your graveyard so you can summon Eatos.

My Rating (out of 5*’s)
I gave it 5 stars because it has tons of awesome abilities, it can help out in any deck and it has no backlash effects. An amazing card all around.

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