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Gandora, Dragon of Destruction: Reviews and where to look

Of all cards, this may just be the most destructive card in Yu-Gi-Oh, Besides the wicked eraser. So lets take a look at one of the most destructive monsters, Gandora, Dragon of Destruction




Gandora can get pretty pricey, so be ready to pay $8 uphand.


Gandora can really bring trouble to the field if summoned at the right time. With 0 attack immediately, it may seem weak, but don’t be fooled. Gandora can only be tribute summoned, so that means no special summoning, but being a level 8, it shouldn’t be too tough. Gandora’s ability really rocks, though. During your main phase, you can pay half your life points to destroy and remove from play all other cards on the field, and now that your opponent is left completely open for a direct attack, Gandora gains 300 attack, for each card destroyed this way. And although you loose all your cards, this card can at best get 3000 attack, and when your opponents completely open, strike with a direct attack. This card definitely should not be played with a swarming deck, because of how many cards you would loose. Most of the time though, it really isn’t worth it to summon this, unless you really need to clear the field, but otherwise, this card is epic.


Where to look:

eBay, or the Shooting Star Dragon tin are your best options.


My Rating (out of 5*’s):


Even though it is really strong, most of the time it only messes up the field. But it still is a really useful card.

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