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Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon: Reviews and where to look

Kaiba even beat the egyptian gods with this card, and although it is tough to get out of your hand, it is unbelievably strong, so lets take a look at one of the best dragons in Yu-Gi-Oh, Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon.




Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon is definitely a collectors card, and can be somewhat pricey, like $20 pricey.



This may just be the best card in Yu-Gi-Oh, and can win any duel. With 3000 attack and 2500 defense, it doesn’t vary that much from Blue-Eyes White Dragon in attack, but thats only part of this cards total advantage over all cards. Unfortunately, it has the hardest summoning conditions I’ve ever seen. You have to tribute a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon on your field to summon it, so after getting 3 Blue-Eyes on the field, you fuse them, get Blue-Eyes Ultimate, and then tribute that to summon this! But it’s so worthwhile, because this card gains 300 attack for each dragon in the grave, which is 4 already, giving this 1200 more attack! And then there’s the cherry on top, which is that this card is immune to spells, magic, traps, and monster effects, making it near invincible. You need whats sort of a mashup between a swarming deck and a beat-stick deck, so you can get all the required cards. And along the way, it really helps to tribute dragons so that Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon gains attack. But pretty much, this is INVINCIBLE!


Where to look:

eBay has great cheap pricing on this, so head over there!


My Rating (out of 5*’s)


Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon is untouchable, but has such rigid summoning it lost a star and half, but if you can pull it off, buy this!

  1. Loker
    February 5, 2012 at 9:45 pm

    Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon can still be destroy with cards that doesnt target for example :
    dark hole
    Mirror force
    Other wise this card would totally be broken

  2. February 5, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    Good point.

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