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Advance Force: Reviews and where to look

2.08.12 Card Review. Please check the daily announcements and compete in contests before going anywhere else, because they will have fresh content.

Advance Force is one of the best spells in the game of Yu-Gi-Oh, because it has such a great ability, swapping OK monsters for really strong ones! So lets take a look at the Advance Force.



It can be around $6 at most places, but don’t sweat it, it’s worth it.


In my opinion, this is the spell that keeps beat-stick decks running, and it also works well in swarming decks, because of it’s effect, and it works anywhere else to! Since it’s not a monster, there is no attack and defense to talk about, and because it isn’t a monster, there’s no summoning conditions either. But it’s effect is one of the most broken, by far, in Yu-Gi-Oh (broken means ridiculous)! You see, you can tribute one level 5 or higher monster to tribute summon a level 7 or higher monster! So that means, summon one level 5 to the field, and then you can summon a level SEVEN OR HIGHER! And it’s even continuous, so you can do this repeatedly with your new level sevens! Talk about something broken. It works well, like i stated above, on swarming and beat-stick decks, and fits well into any other deck too. But protect it at all costs from spells and traps that could destroy it, so maybe use Judgement of Anubis.

Where to look:

This card is cheapest on eBay or Amazon.com

My Rating (out of 5*’s)


Because of how easy to play and how great of an ability it has, i gave it 5 stars. Definitely, get it!

  1. Loker
    February 9, 2012 at 5:37 am

    This card is good with card like cyber dragon

    For your information you can get this card for as cheap as 3penny.

    The bad thing about this card is that you gotta tribute one of your monster for a level 5 or 6 then activate this card and tribute it for a level 7 or higher monster.
    Basically your wasting three card to play one.

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