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Pot of Duality: Reviews and where to look

2.13.12 Card Review: Please look at the evening result announcements and the new contest, because they are fresh and new. I will start doing card discussions daily.

This is one of the most expensive cards in Yu-Gi-Oh, but is it worth it? The answer to this question is hidden within this review, “like a pretzel lodged in my stomach”- Comic book guy from The Simpsons. So lets look at Pot of Duality.



Pot of Duality can be $50, which is crazy!


Pot of Duality is one of the priciest cards in Yi-Gi-Oh, But does it deserve that? With no attack and defense because it’s a spell, I don’t gave to talk about that. And because it’s not a monster, it doesn’t have any summoning conditions I have to discuss. But, it’s ability pays off. You can look at the top three cards of your deck, add one to your hand, and put the other two back. This is great for an exodia deck where you need pick and choose draws. But also, it can’t be played more then once per turn. And to make this worse, you can’t special summon when this card was played, it’s okay, but to picky for such a high price.

Where to look:
Try troll and toad or BBToys.

My Rating (out of 5*’s):
With such a picky condition, it’s just not worth it. But with an Exodia deck, this is gold.

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