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Shooting Star Dragon: Reviews and where to look

2.14.12 Card Review: Please participate in the new contest, and check the evening announcements before going anywhere else, because they are updated.

Yusei always pulled out this ace in hole when the going got tough, at the very end of 5D’s. And this card really rocks in real life too, so lets look at Shooting Star Dragon.



Shooting Star Dragon has epic art, and with a pretty cheap pricing, it’s worthwhile.



The gem of the 5D’s generation, and has plentiful attack and ability, plus many other things. Shooting Star Dragon has 3300 attack and 2500 defense, so it’s ready to take on lots of monsters. It’s extremely difficult to summon, as you need to tune stardust dragon with the synchro tuner Formula Synchron to summon it, which can be annoying when you need it fast, and really dull. But once you get it on the field, you can freaking annihilate. You can activate each of these 3 abilities once a turn!:

  • Reveal the top 5 cards of your deck, and shuffle them back in. The number of tuner monsters in those 5 cards is how many attacks this card can pull, which could be 5!
  • Negate the activation of an effect that would destroy cards on the field, and destroy that card.
  • When your opponents monster declares an attack, you can select it, and then remove Shooting Star Dragon from play, and negate the attack. Then at the end phase, this card returns!

Because of these abilities, cards like Gandora, Dragon of Destruction, Thunder End Dragon, The Wicked Eraser, and so forth are endangered species when this comes to the field. Make sure you have a tuner centered deck if your going to use the first, because you don’t want to draw no tuners, and not even be able to attack once! Cards like mirror force and bottomless trap hole can’t hurt this card because of it’s ability. Talk about strong…

Where to look:
This used to come in a tin, and now is only reasonable on eBay.

My Rating (out of 5*’s):
It’s so strng and invincible and broken, this is one of the few 5 star worthy cards.

  1. February 17, 2012 at 1:11 pm

    The only problem with Shooting Star Dragon is that it is kind of hard to play! Same thing with Red Nova Dragon.

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