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Cyber Dragon: Reviews and where to look

2.19.12 Card Review. Please compete in the contests and read the announcements before going to the other material, as they are fresh and new.

This is my personal favorite card in Yu-Gi-Oh, and it’s what my deck is built after. So lets look at one awesome dragon that epic zane used, Cyber Dragon.



Cyber Dragon can be a cheap price of $5, so go for it.


Cyber Dragon is really a tough card to match, and I LOVE it. It’s petty tough for a level 5 monster, and can really annihilate with it’s 2100 attack, and 1600 defense. And summoning is really easy, as all it takes is one tribute, or if you have no monsters on the field, you don’t have to tribute at all! Unfortunately, that’s it’s only ability, being able to be summoned without a tribute if no monsters are on the field. But the best part is the fusions. Cyber Dragon does have many fusion monsters it can summon, like cyber twin and cyber end, which make up for no ability really! Because of this, cyber dragon is strong in a swarming deck. Also, it’s great to have all of it’s fusions, as they are extremely strong.

Where to look:
Head to eBay.

My Rating (out of 5*’s):
I see this as a perfect level 5 monster, so I gave it 5 stars. Definitely a need for machine decks.

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