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Call of the Haunted: Reviews and where to look

Call of the haunted is even better then a monster reincarnation, and is a crazy good card. So lets take a look at THE best revival card, Call of the Haunted.




Call of the haunted is pretty old, but because of its mass production point, you shouldn’t have to pay more than $7.



This may just be the best revival card in the game of Yu-Gi-Oh, and soon you’ll see why. Because it’s not a monster card, you can’t worry about attack or defense, which is nice. Also, because its not a monster, it doesn’t have any summoning conditions to talk about right now. And it’s ability is amazing! You can pick one monster in your graveyard, and special summon it in face up attack position! But when this card is destroyed, the monster is destroyed, and when the monster is destroyed, this is destroyed. It’s a bit of a shakey trade off, but this is still an amazing card. Make sure you have something with lasting attack in your grave, otherwise your going to run into some problems. Also, because this card acts like a tether to the monster, and the monster does the same, make sure you have protection set up for this card. Cards like shooting star dragon are really nice with cards like this. It may not be a moster reborn, but it’s still really good.


What it reads:

Target 1 monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target inface-up Attack Position. When this card leaves the field, destroythat target. When that target is destroyed, destroy this card.


Where to look:

Try eBay, Amazon, or BBToys.


My Rating (out of 5*’s):


Because it can destroy the monster when it’s destroyed, it lost half a star, but otherwise, this is a really good card!


U Rate it:

Like always, now you can put your rating here for how good you think the card is.

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