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Majestic Dragon: Reviews and where to look

2.29.12 Card Review. Today is an EPIC MATHUP DAY! Head over there this afternoon for the awesome matchup. Please also lik always, look at the new contest and announcements. Enjoy!

Majestic Dragon may seem like a very small card, but really it can be a game changer in certain decks! So lets take a look at one helpful tiny dragon, Majestic Dragon!



Majestic Dragon is really rare, so it’s almost $25!


Well, there’s not too much to say abou this very expensive and particular card. With 0 attack and 0 defense, it’s useless in the field of attack, defense, and just plain battle, as it can’t attack. There are no summoning conditions at all, because it is a level 1 monster, so you can just summon it when you need it. And it’s ability is very particular, and it only works for two cards. You can’t use this card as synchro material, unless for the synchro summon of a majestic monster. So pretty much, unless your going to tune this with stardust dragon or red dragon archfiend, you can’t bring this to the field with a purpose. Because it’s so weak and particular, it really can be annoying in a last minute situation. But for it’s purpose, it’s needed, but only in a deck that can summon majestic red or star dragon(s).

What it reads:

Just so you know, this is what the card says:

This card cannot be used as a Synchro Material Monster, except for the Synchro Summon of a “Majestic” monster.

Where to look:

Try eBay, or get it from a friend if your lucky.

My Rating (out of 5*’s)


Because it’s so specific for what it wants, it lost 3 stars, and because of it’s weakness. But if your in a deck with majestic dragons, than this is a need.

U Rate it:

Like always, you can thumbs up or thumbs down this card below, in your opinion.

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