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Luster Dragon: Reviews and where to look

3.7.12 Card Review. Today is an EPIC MATHUP DAY! Head over there this afternoon for the awesome matchup. Please also lik always, look at the new contest and announcements. Enjoy!

Luster Dragon may not exactly be a super strong card, but it is very classic. So I decided to review this original series collectors card, Luster Dragon.


I got this in a 50 card grab bag, and it is about $10 online.


This is a real classic Yu-Gi-Oh Card, and one of my favorite cards ever. This is because I got it in my first Yu-Gi-Oh Pack, a grab bag at my local collectors shop. It is an extremely cool card, but lets get to the review. With 2400 attack and 1400 defense, it isn’t a giant, but is still a very good card. It is level six, so you need to tribute 1 monster, but that isn’t a very hard thing, considering all the accel synchro’s and double tuners. But with no effect, and only a description, it puts this at a huge disadvantage. But because of it’s collector status, it’s a fun card. It has no real tips except to put it in a dragon deck, as it may have some use there, and may even gain an ability.

What it reads:

Just so you know, this is what the card says:

This dragon feeds on emerald. Enchanted by this monster even when attacked, few people live to tell of its beauty.

Where to look:

Try eBay, Amazon, BBToys, or possibly a card collector shop.

My Rating (out of 5*’s)


Because It has no ability, and isn’t a giant classic like blue-eyes white dragon or dark magician, it lost two stars, but if you run a dragon deck or love collector cards, this is for you.

U Rate it:

Like always, you can thumbs up or thumbs down this card below, in your opinion.

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