Awesome Deck Ideas

A big part of winning at Yu-Gi-Oh is having a good, deck, so here’s a few idea’s.



A lester deck is an ultimate synchro hate machine. It involves chipping away at life points while making it easy to summon skiel. It has pretty good extremes. Not a bad deck at all.

Main Deck
Effect Monsters: Meklord Emperor Skiel (x4), Cyber Valley (x3), Card Trooper, Koa’ki Meiru Powerhand (x3), any low level easy summon monster (x2), Medium Piece Golem (x2), Small Piece Golem, Large Piece Golem (x2). 

Spells & Magic: Giant Trunade, Foolish Burial, Heavy Storm, Mystical Space Typhoon, Limiter Removal, Swords of Revealing Light, Torrential Tribute, Soliditary (x2)

Traps: Bottomless Trap Hole, Acid Trap Hole, Call of the Haunted, Convert Ghost (x2), Divergence, Limit Reverse, Mirror Force, Twin Vortex (x2), Slip of Fortune, Polymerization (x2). 

Extra Deck: Multiple Piece Golem (Fusion of Medium Piece Golem and Big Piece Golem + Polymerization).

How many cards in this deck?: 42

My Rating (out of 5*’s


Hell Kaiser Deck

When Zane went loopy, he changed his outfit and became the goth, hell kaiser. This was when he used the underworld deck, so lets take a look

Normal Monsters:
Luster Dragon (x2)

Effect Monsters:
Cyber Dragon (x3), Cyberdark Keel (x2), Cyberdark Edge (x2), Cyberdark Horn (x2), Infernal Dragon (x3), Masked Dragon (x3), Proto Cyber Dragon (x2).

Spell and Magic:
Card Destruction, Cyberdark Impact (x2), Future Fusion, Giant Trunade, Gold Sarcophagus, Heavy Storm, Limiter Removal, Mystical Space Typhoon (x2), Nobleman of Crossout, Overload Fusion, Polymerization (x2), Premature Burial, Power Bond.

Call of the Haunted, Crush Card Virus, Dimensional Prison (x2), Dust Tornado, Negate Attack, Mirror Force, Sakuretsu Armor.
Extra Deck:
Chimeratech Overdragon, Chimeratech Fortress Dragon (x2), Cyber Twin Dragon (x3), Cyber End Dragon (x3), Cyber Dark Dragon (x3).

How Many Cards in Here?: 44

My Rating (out of 5*’s)

Zane Truesdale

Zane is so awesome that he deserves a whole page to himself. And his deck is unbeatable. It’s a machine dragon deck that annihilates most cards with it’s great chain strategies. So here’s a look at the zane deck use

Normal Monsters:
Blue Eyes White Dragon (x3)

Effect Monsters: 
Cyber Dragon (x3), Proto Cyber Dragon (x2), Armed Dragon LV3, Armed Dragon LV5, Twin Headed Behmoth, Malevolent Mech-Goku En, Spear Dragon, Watt Fox, Watt Woodpecker, The Dark-Hex Sealed Fusion, Watt Betta, Cyber Dragon Zwei, Lazer Cyber Dragon, Wattle Mur, Stray Asmodian, Mystical Beast of Serket.

Book of Moon, Foolish Burial, Dragons Gunfire, Polymerization (x2), Power Bond, Mystical Space Typhoon, Temple of the Kings, Machine Duplication (x2), Magical Stone Excavation, Monster Reincarnation, Nightmares Steelcage, Dark Room of Nightmare, Card Destruction.

Meteor Flare, Mirror Force, Metal Reflect Slime, Skull Invitation, Coffin Seller, Slip of Fortune. 

Extra Deck: 
Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon (Fusion of 3 Blue Eyes White Dragon+Polymerization), Cyber End Dragon (3 Cyber Dragons+Polymerization), Cyber Twin Dragon (2 Cyber Dragons+Polymerization).

How Many Cards in Here?: 43

My Rating (out of 5*’s)

Joey Wheeler

Joeys Deck is mostly luck cards, and support for his good monsters like Red-Eyes B. Dragon and Jinzo. So, if you want that deck, check out this deck review, for an in-depth look at Joey Wheelers Deck.

Normal Monsters:
Alligator Sword, Brigadier of Landstar x2, Grappler of Landstar x2, Kinght of Landstar x2, Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Swordsman of Landstar x2

Effect Monsters:
Blue Flame Swordsman, Geirfried the Iron Knight, Gilford the Lightning, Goblin Atttack Force x2, Jinzo, Little Winguard, Maximum Six x2, Panther Warrior, Sasuke Samurai

Dangerous Machine Type-6, Giant Trunade, Graceful Dice x2, Hyper Refresh, Landstar Force, Landstar Shot, Polymerization x2, Pot of Greed, Premature Burial, Release Restraint, Roll of Fate, Scape-Goat x2, Skull Dice x2

Compensation Mediation, Silver Dollar, Mirror Force, Slip of Fortune

Extra Deck:
Knight of Dark Dragons (Ritual)

How Many Cards in Here?: 44

My Rating (out of 5*’s)
Great deck, but too luck reliant, and not an even number of monsters, traps, and spells/magic. Not that many counters, either.
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    Lots of the points you mentioned in this report are precise, and i agree with them. At the same time you’ll find several that i’ve to argue with you on. Both way, I do enjoy you publishing this short article.

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