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Dragons Collide, New Structure Deck: A Summary and Where to find it

Deck Review #1: I am now doing deck/ pack reviews when they come out! Keep checking, because when a new one comes out, I’ll have the 101 on it before anyone else!


What happens when Blue Eyes White Dragon, Red Eyes Black Dragon, and many other dragons are put into 1 deck? Dragons Collide! It’s an extremely powerful deck, as when played right, like by my friend, it’s one of the best decks ever, no joke. Filled with monsters that remove each other from play, and light and dark combinations, this deck shows some serious strength. It also annihilates other monsters by not only destroying them, but removing THEM from play. This deck revolves around light and dark dragons in your grave and removing from play other cards, while overpowering with giant cards like Blue Eyes White Dragon, and Red Eyes Metal Dragon.


Where to find it:

eBay, Target, a card collector shop, or Wallmart.

How I feel:

I think that this is a Level 10 deck, as it crushes opponents and annihilates other monsters by removing them from play. All in all, a wonderful deck.

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What’s in it:

Set Number ↓ Card Name ↓ Rarity ↓ Card Number ↓ Category ↓
SDDC-EN001 Lightpulsar Dragon Ultra Rare 99365553 Effect Monster
SDDC-EN002 Darkflare Dragon Ultra Rare 25460258 Effect Monster
SDDC-EN003 Eclipse Wyvern Super Rare 51858306 Effect Monster
SDDC-EN004 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Common 89631139 Normal Monster
SDDC-EN005 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Common 74677422 Normal Monster
SDDC-EN006 The White Stone of Legend Common 79814787 Tuner monster
SDDC-EN007 Red-Eyes B. Chick Common 36262024 Effect Monster
SDDC-EN008 Axe Dragonute Common 84914462 Effect Monster
SDDC-EN009 Vice Dragon Common 54343893 Effect Monster
SDDC-EN010 Gragonith, Lightsworn Dragon Common 21785144 Effect Monster
SDDC-EN011 Prime Material Dragon Common 12298909 Effect Monster
SDDC-EN012 Dark Armed Dragon Common 65192027 Effect Monster
SDDC-EN013 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon Common 88264978 Effect Monster
SDDC-EN014 Chaos Sorcerer Common 09596126 Effect Monster
SDDC-EN015 Lord of D. Common 17985575 Effect Monster
SDDC-EN016 Mystic Tomato Common 83011277 Effect Monster
SDDC-EN017 Summoner Monk Common 00423585 Effect Monster
SDDC-EN018 Snipe Hunter Common 84290642 Effect Monster
SDDC-EN019 Herald of Creation Common 66337215 Effect Monster
SDDC-EN020 Jain, Lightsworn Paladin Common 96235275 Effect Monster
SDDC-EN021 Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress Common 22624373 Effect Monster
SDDC-EN022 Kaibaman Common 34627841 Effect Monster
SDDC-EN023 Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter Common 21502796 Effect Monster
SDDC-EN024 Chaos Zone Common 94243005 Field Spell Card
SDDC-EN025 Burst Stream of Destruction Common 17655904 Normal Spell Card
SDDC-EN026 Inferno Fire Blast Common 52684508 Normal Spell Card
SDDC-EN027 The Flute of Summoning Dragon Common 43973174 Normal Spell Card
SDDC-EN028 A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon Common 28596933 Normal Spell Card
SDDC-EN029 Book of Moon Common 14087893 Quick-Play Spell Card
SDDC-EN030 Magical Stone Excavation Common 98494543 Normal Spell Card
SDDC-EN031 Reasoning Common 58577036 Normal Spell Card
SDDC-EN032 Monster Gate Common 43040603 Normal Spell Card
SDDC-EN033 Card Trader Common 48712195 Continuous Spell Card
SDDC-EN034 D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation Common 09622164 Equip Spell Card
SDDC-EN035 Charge of the Light Brigade Common 94886282 Normal Spell Card
SDDC-EN036 Dragon’s Rebirth Common 20638610 Normal Trap Card
SDDC-EN037 Burst Breath Common 80163754 Normal Trap Card
SDDC-EN038 Call of the Haunted Common 97077563 Continuous Trap Card
SDDC-EN039 Interdimensional Matter Transporter Common 36261276 Normal Trap Card
SDDC-EN040 Escape from the Dark Dimension Common 31550470 Continuous Trap Card
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