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Epic Matchup January 2012: Exodia the Forbidden One vs. Exodia Necross

posted Jan 31, 2012 5:56 PM by Jaron Somename

Exodia’s 2 forms against each other? Thats right, it’s exodia vs. exodia until the end! So lets end the debate of which is better: Necross or The Forbidden one.

Exodia The Forbidden One:

Exodia’s 5 pieces are old and unbelievably rare, so $50 is the price!!!!!!!!
Comparison Review:
Exodia the forbidden one is really the classic Yu-Gi-Oh Card, and here’s the 101. You can summon exodia by collecting all 5 pieces in your hand or on the field. It doesn’t have attack, because once all 5 pieces are collected, you automatically win the duel! You need an exodia deck to summon this card, and you have to keep it safe at all costs, while drawing as many cards as you can.
Art: 10   Atk & Def: 5   Ability: 1   Timeliness (how playable and easy to summon this card is): 4   Grade: 50.0/ F

Exodia Necross:

Exodia Necross isn’t as pricey as exodia, but still can be $10 hot.

Comparison Review:
Exodia Necross can really be qualified as Exodias evil twin. Necross can stop the usage of monster effects, spells, traps, and can’t be destroyed in battle, and gains 500 attack every turn! With 1800- infinite attack, it can’t go down, and is really strong and worthwhile, and is totally epic. You need an exodia deck for this too though, because you play contract with exodia and send all 5 pieces to the grave and remove them from play to summon this card, making it an even more expensive package.
Art: 9   Atk & Def: 10   Ability: 10   Timeliness (how playable and easy to summon this card is): 1   Grade: 75.0/ C

Which is Better?:
I definitely have to hand this one to Exodia Necross, because of how invincible and less tough to summon it is. It may be more expensive and difficult to summon, but it’s a little easier to summon and not as tough to draw, plus it doesn’t just end everything with a thud. Check next month on the 30th for the next epic matchup, and don’t be late!
Epic Matchup December 2011: Stardust Dragon vs. Number 39: Utopia
posted Dec 30, 2011 10:29 AM by Jaron Somename   [ updated Jan 25, 2012 10:57 AM ] 

Another two of the main characters main monsters with 2500 attack, and were going to have them go at it until it’s been decided which is better and the end of it, Stardust Dragon or Number 39: Utopia.

Number 39: Utopia:

Utopia is new and in mass production, so it is as cheap as $2

Comparison Review:
Utopia has some great abilities, and it is really easy to summon. You can summon Utopia by overlaying 2 level 4 monsters. With 2500 attack (like always) and 2000 defense, it has some serious attacking power. Utopia fits into any deck, so feel free to put it into any deck. It’s Ability is available when Utopia is attacked, and here’s how it works: If you remove one overlay unit, you can negate the attack. But, once it runs out of overlay units, if it’s targeted for an attack, it’s instantly destroyed.
Art: 8   Atk & Def: 8   Ability: 6   Timeliness (how playable and easy to summon this card is): 8   Grade: 75.0/ C

Stardust Dragon:

Stardust is getting older, and becoming rarer, so you may need to pay a minimum of $5.

Comparison Review:
Stardust Dragon has an absolutely awesome ability, although it isn’t to easy to summon. To summon stardust, you have to tune 1 tuner and 1 non tuner monster that equals a level 8, which is stardusts level. It has 2500 attack and once again, 2000 defense. It’s ability is killer though. If a spell, trap, or monster effect that destroys a card(s) on the field, you can tribute stardust, and the effect is negated and the card is destroyed. And to top things off, if you activated that ability, at the end of that turn, stardust returns to the field at the end phase.
Art: 8   Atk & Def: 8   Ability: 10   Timeliness (how playable and easy to summon this card is): 7   Grade: 83.0/ B

Which is Better?:
Stardust Dragon does pull ahead on this matchup, even though it is harder to summon. Because of it’s awesome ability, it is better than Utopia, plus the fact that they have equal attack made this a tough choice, but in the end, Stardust proved to be the better card by far. Check next month on the 30th for the next epic matchup!
Epic Matchup November 2011: Cyber Dragon vs. Blue-Eyes White Dragon
posted Dec 18, 2011 7:58 PM by Jaron Somename   [ updated Jan 25, 2012 10:58 AM ] 

Zane and Kaiba are both alike in one way: they both have key dragon card that can be fused with two others two create an ultimate monster. So lets take a look at those two: Cyber Dragon and Blue Eyes.

Cyber Dragon:
Cyber Dragon is not very expensive, but Semi-Rare. Prices go from $4- $15

Comparison Review:
Cyber Dragon has a pretty nice ability, for a level 5 monster. It has a nice 2100 attack, and 1600 defense. It does well in a cyber deck, as it can then be used to summon Cyber Twin, Cyber End, and so on. It’s Ability allows it to be summoned if you control no monsters, so you can get it out special summon style on your first turn easily.
Art: 7   Atk & Def: 8   Ability: 9   Timeliness (how playable and easy to summon this card is): 9   Grade: 83.0/ B

Blue Eyes White Dragon:

Blue-Eyes is a Sig. collectors card, so it can be a lot more expensive.

Comparison Review:
Blue-Eyes White D. Is a effect-less, Level 8 Dragon monster. With a nice and strong and steady 3000 Attack, and 2500 giant defense points, Blue-Eyes White D. is a force to be reckoned with, because of its high attack. But with no ability, and being hard to summon, it isn’t exactly much to behold…
Art: 7   Atk & Def: 9   Ability: 0   Timeliness (how playable and easy to summon this card is): 5   Grade: 53.0/ F

Which is Better?:
I think the winner is by far Cyber Dragon, because of even having an ability, and a good one at that, and because of it having easier summon conditions, making it a lot faster of a process to get cyber twin or cyber end on the field, making it a lot more useful of a card. Beatdown is good, but only when it is evened out with some tributes and structure. Check on the 30th for the next Epic matchup, and i promise i wont be late. 
Epic Matchup October 2011: Dark Magician vs. Elemental Hero Neos
posted Oct 30, 2011 6:16 PM by Jaron Somename   [ updated Jan 25, 2012 10:59 AM ] 

Jaden and Yugi both used hundreds of monsters, but there two favs. were dark magician for yugi, and elemental hero neos for jaden. But which was better? Lets find out


Neos is a rare card that can be freaking expensive.

Comparison Review:
Neos is an ability-less, normal level 7 monster. It has a steady 2500 attack and 2000 defense. It does well with a light type oriented, elemental hero deck. If you have a neo-spacian, it goes quite well with this card, by giving it some extra attack, and some killer abilities.
Art: 7   Atk and Def: 8   Ability (with Neo-Spacian): 8   Timeliness (how playable and easy to summon this card is): 5   Grade: 70.0/ C

Dark Magician:

Dark Magicians playable version is also holo rare and hard to find.

Comparison Review:
Dark Magician is also a ability-less normal level 7 monster. Dark Magician has 2100 defense and 2500 attack. It does nicely in a deck structured like Yugi’s, and can beat down most players. It does not have a special card to give it killer power, though…
Art: 9   Atk and Def: 9   Ability: 0   Timeliness (how playable and easy to summon this card is): 5   Grade: 58.6/ F

Which is better?: 
I think i have to hand this one to Neos. Although you sorta need a HERO deck to use Neos, and it has less defense than dark magician, it actually has a possible ability, which means everything. So it looks like Jaden had the better fav. monster. Check next month on the 30th for the next epic matchup.
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