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You guys are awesome at the end of the day yesterday we had 800 views!!! Wow! Thanks so much for your support.

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2500 Attack ….

March 11, 2012 1 comment

So here’s todays discussion: Why do all main characters of the shows main monsters attack 2500. It’s a pattern I’ve noticed, since Dark Magician, Elemental Hero Neos, Stardust Dragon, and Number 39: Utopia all have 2500 attack. Heres the pictures

So there you see it. All 2500 attack. But why would they choose that, which leads me to todays discussion: Why 2500 attack? Discuss it in the comments, and I can’t wait to join in.


The Wicked Avatar: Reviews and where to look

March 11, 2012 1 comment

3.11.12 Card Review. Today is an EPIC MATHUP DAY! Head over there this afternoon for the awesome matchup. Please also lik always, look at the new contest and announcements. Enjoy!

The Wicked Avatar is one of the most overpowering monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! It can literally be better than everything else. SO today were going to review the best wicked god, The Wicked Avatar.



The Wicked Avatar can be very expensive, like $20 expensive.


This is a card that is a nightmare to your opponents if summoned, because it always overpowers! With unbelievable strength, this is a lot like the Winged Dragon of Ra, because of it’s photo and ability. It may look weak with only 0 attack and 0 defense, but as you know, don’t judge it by its cover. But summoning is like every god, and it’s pretty tough, because you have to sacrifice 3 monsters. But it’s ability is one of the best abilities ever, no joke. You see, first off, your opponent can’t activate spells of traps until the end of the second turn after this card was summoned. And then comes the amazing attack of this card, which makes this card broken. You see, the attack and defense of this card are each 100 points higher than the highest monsters attack on the field. But the problem is, sometimes defense can be higher than the highest attack, which is why you should always have a card with extra attack on the field. Also, make sure you have dark type protecting cards, so that it can’t be annihilated after it’s effect stopping ability runs out. But this s otherwise, a near invincible card, pretty “Wicked,” huh (pun intended).

What it reads:

Just so you know, this is what the card says:

This card cannot be Special Summoned. This card cannot beNormal Summoned or Set except by Tributing 3 monsters. Your opponent cannot activate Spell or Trap Cards until the end of their 2nd turn after this card is Normal Summoned. The ATK and DEF of this card are each 100 points higher than the highest face-upmonster’s ATK on the field (except “The Wicked Avatar”).

Where to look:

Try eBay, Amazon, BBToys, or possibly a card collector shop.

My Rating (out of 5*’s)


Because it can really annihilate everything with it, and with a few tweaks, it always overpowers, I gave The Wicked Avatar 5 stars, because it’s worthy.

U Rate it:

Like always, you can thumbs up or thumbs down this card below, in your opinion.


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Awesome Photo!

March 10, 2012 1 comment

Check this out!

Call of the Haunted on Ban List Poll

I posted a discussion on should call of the haunted be returned to the ban list a few days ago, and now heres the poll! Vote how you feel.

Darrel’s Trading Cards

March 10, 2012 3 comments

Hey If you live in the Denver area here’s a great place for all of your yugioh card needs. All three of us buy from this place. The full name of this place is Darrel’s Toy’s and Collectible’s so don’t Google Darrel’s Trading Cards. This guy sells almost every card you can think of! For example, today I was looking for the card “Ancient Gear Gajiltron Dragon” he had 2 of them! If you don’t want anything in particular he has great grab bags for around 5$. That’s a little more than a pack you would buy at the store and a single bag contains 50 cards, 5 times that of a normal pack.In addition, the grab bags are great one time I got “Black Luster Soldier” and “Black Luster Ritual”so I can actually use the card, he wont leave you hanging by just giving you the ritual monster or the ritual spell. All in all, he’s a great guy, he sometimes even gives you free cards for your support. Here is his contact info below.

Phone #: 303-698-035(personal)

Address: 2441 S. Broadway Denver, CO 80210

Hours: Open Mon- Sat 12:00pm- 6:00pm

I hope you guys use Darrel for all of your yugioh card needs.

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