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Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon: Reviews and where to look

3.12.12 Card Review. Please like always, look at the new contest and announcements. Also, there is no EPIC MATCHUP this month because of a few problems. Enjoy!

Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon is a really strong new card, that is in a new archtype of power. So today I decided to review the insanely powerful new card, Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon.



Galaxy Eyes can be around $5, online, or in a $20 tin.


This card may just be one of the best dragon cards in the entire game of Yu-Gi-Oh, and it is totally worthy of any deck. It’s not like anything I’ve ever seen before, because of it’s odd ability. With 3000 attack, and 2500 defense, it’s a lot like all other cards in this range of power. Summoning however, is kind of odd, because you have to tribute 2 monsters with 2000 or more attack, which can be a pain to summon this. But it’s effect makes it worthwhile, because of it’s power. You see, during each players battle step, when this card battles an opponents monster, you can target the monster this card is battling, banish both it and this card , then any card banished by this effect returns to the field at the end of the battle phase. If the banished monster was an XYZ’s monster, this card gains 500 attack for each XYZ’s material monster that was attached to it when it was banished. That means that this gets extra bonuses for XZ’s material monsters. Use it’s ability when your battling something to strong, so that you can survive. Also, make sure you have something to save this card from spells and traps. This card makes my eyes water when I see it.

What it reads:

Just so you know, this is what the card says:

You can Special Summon this card (from your hand) by Tributing 2monsters with 2000 or more ATK. During either player’s Battle Step, when this card battles an opponent’s monster: You can target the monster this card is battling; banish both it and this card, then any monster banished by this effect returns to the field at the end of theBattle Phase. If the monster banished by this effect was an Xyz Monster, this card gains 500 ATK for each Xyz Material the Xyz Monster had when it was banished.

Where to look:

Try eBay, Amazon, BBToys, or possibly a card collector shop.

My Rating (out of 5*’s)


Because it’s ability isn’t that great, and can easily be topped, it lost a star, but if you run a dragon deck or a photon deck, you need this card.

U Rate it:

Like always, you can thumbs up or thumbs down this card below, in your opinion.

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